Travel assistance


Travelling can be a bit daunting if you have a medical condition or are pregnant but in most cases you don't need to do anything different. You may need to take some precautions and the below information will help you understand what you need to do.

Travel insurance

We recommend to buy a suitable travel insurance as medical charges and repatriation costs can be very expensive depending on the country you're visiting. We can offer you the opportunity to buy travel insurance as part of your flight booking but it is only available for some countries. If it's available, you will see the option when you're confirming and paying for your flights.

Travelling with a medical escort

Sometimes, even if your medical condition is serious, you can still travel but it must be with a medical escort. We recommend you book this through a recognised medical assistance company who specialise in this type of service.

Medical clearance - am I fit to fly?

For some medical conditions you need to get medical clearance before you can fly, for example:
recent illness, hospitalisation, injury or surgery
existing unstable medical condition
need for additional oxygen or use of medical equipment on board
travelling for medical reasons or treatment

How to get medical clearance

Please download the medical information form (pdf, 650kb, English only) and fill out part one. Then ask your doctor to complete part two and send the completed form to our Passenger Medical Clearance Unit (PMCU) who will be able to advise if you're fit to fly.
If you are travelling after 1 February 2018, on a short-haul European flight, and require the use of your own portable oxygen cylinder (weighing less than 5kgs) you also need to download and complete the attached form
We assess your fitness based on internationally accepted criteria by the World Health Organisation so we can be sure you have a safe and comfortable flight. In some cases we may need additional information, or ask you to travel with a medical escort or supplementary oxygen.

Travelling when you're pregnant

For your and your baby’s safety you cannot fly after:
  • the end of the 36th week if you are pregnant with one baby
  • the end of the 32nd week if you are pregnant with more than one baby
We recommend that you carry a confirmation from your doctor or midwife, such as a letter or certificate, in addition to your pregnancy record. This should be written within 7-10 days prior to travel and confirm your approximate due date, that you're fit to travel and that there are no complications with your pregnancy.
This letter covers you for your entire journey, unless there are any complications with your pregnancy that requires medical intervention. Only then, would you be required to obtain an updated letter from the doctor that treated you.

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