Rules And Regulations-BA

There is no particular list of needed documents for international flights/travels. It’s upon the passenger to make sure of the list of essential documents to enter a country and their validity.


Your passport must be valid till the end of your journey. Even infants and minors under 2 need separate and valid passports. Please note that the validity of the passport varies, depending on rules and regulations of your destination. To make sure of validity; kindly check the passport validity requirements


Parsian Parvaz Mehr does not hold any responsibility on visa requirement and issue. The best reference to learn about visa requirements is 

Baggage Allowance

To learn about baggage allowance, kindly click here.                                                                                                                                                                                                 



Choose your seat

We suggest you have your ticket sooner; so you can enjoy the trip with your companions. There are several ways to choose your seat; for more info, kindly contact our colleagues at the town office.

Other Airlines

If a part of your journey is delivered by other carriers with which BRITISH AIRWAYS has contract; the rules and regulations for infant/child might be different. For more info, please contact our colleagues. 


Infants, children and teenagers

These are the age categories BRITISH AIRWAYS uses for bookings:
Infants: 0 – 23 months
Children: 2 – 11 years’ old
Teenagers: 12-15 years’ old
Adults: More than 16
Every carrier has specific rules and regulations; we suggest you check this information before making any booking.


All children under 12 are not allowed to travel alone on BRITISH AIRWAYS and must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 and more. 


From 1 May 2018, all young flyers aged under 16 and travelling alone should complete a parental/guardian consent form 
before travel. The consent form is mandatory for bookings made from 1 May 2018 and is available to download here


While traveling with your infant; you can either seat him on your lap or his own chair. 
Once the infant turns 2; he is considered a child and child rules apply.